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Becoming an inventor is a fun, exciting and rewarding way to flip the script and take control of your life. And, if you develop your idea the right way, the sky’s the limit to your success.

The first step is patenting your idea Patent solutions. Once you’ve gotten the patent application paperwork filed, it’s on to the next step: creating a working sample of your product.


Taking your idea and getting a prototype built is a key step to building your invention. And, from our experience over the past ten years, it’s also one of the most fulfilling. Developing your prototype gives you the chance to see how your invention will work in real life and make it much easier to getting it manufactured.

So what does it take? We’re glad you asked.

Designing your prototype can take many different paths. There are two we commonly recommend: creating a 3D rendering and building an actual prototype.


One of the reasons we love building 3D renderings is that it’s a quick way to design your idea in a way that you can use to supplement your patent application. It also is an easy way to send your idea to manufacturers to get a ballpark estimate of how much it will cost for them to build.

In essence, a 3D rendering is the first step you can take towards bringing your idea to life. It takes the process of building a wireframe, or the bones, of your idea with computer graphics and fleshing it out so you can see it from all angles. You can then print it out for realistic renderings or keep the 3D file. And the best news? With today’s technology, you can simulate how it will work in a virtual setting and perfect your idea’s design before it goes to the manufacturer and into the real world, saving you a bunch of time and money.

Have any questions about creating a 3D rendering of your idea? Contact us today for a 100% confidential review.


In truth, creating a prototype is one of the most important step before you hit manufacturing. It gives you the chance to hold your idea in your hands and see how it actually works. It also gives you the opportunity to make any changes to the design before you start producing your product and make sure it works the way it is supposed to. This can feel like a place where your idea gets stuck, but in the long run, perfecting your invention when it’s a prototype will save you money and get it to market faster.

Another reason building a prototype is so important: once you finalize the prototype, you can also accurately estimate what your manufacturing costs will be. This means you can determine what price you can retail your invention for and can start building your sales pipeline, reaching out to retailers to carry your product,and start a Kickstarter campaign to raise extra funds.

Have any questions or concerns about the prototyping process? Contact us! We’ve partnered with industry-leading prototype manufacturers that have their products sold in stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target, and Crate & Barrel as well as online stores such as Amazon, Zulily, Overstock, and more.


Once you have your idea protected with a patent, and your prototype is working the way it should, you’re ready to send your idea to the factory for manufacturing.

This is the exciting step where you not only start mass-producing your invention, but also create the package design, display options, and all other advertising materials you will need.

The key is to take things one step at a time. Depending on your invention’s target market, you should be balancing between quality and affordability on the manufacturing. And once you have that determined, you need to ensure that the package design matches the look and feel your idea deserves.

At Idea Design Studio, we’re here to work with you every step of the way and ensure that your idea is not only protected and being built by a good manufacturer, but has the sales and marketing tools in place to make it the success it deserves to be. We’ve partnered with the best in the business to be able to bring you all the tools you need to turn your idea into a profit-making business.

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