3D Design For Inventors

If you make the decision to work with Idea Design Studio, a 3D design will be one of the major steps in the invention process. Using some of the top technology in the industry, Idea Design Studio can take a sketch or idea in an inventors head, and create a 3-D design of it using a computer. By doing this, Idea Design Studio is then able to get a better view of your design, and can then create a design that you will be sure to enjoy.

The designers at Idea Design Studio will first engage in a conference call with you to go over all aspects of your 3-D design. The designers will then create an online project manager for you to view all steps of your invention. A greyscale 3-D design is then created, working as a rough draft of the final design. This is a non-color version, without all of the tiny details of your invention. Any part of it that you do not like can be changed, and Idea Design Studio requires one hundred percent approval before moving on to the full color design.

The full color 3-D design is also texture realistic, which is one of the amazing things about 3-D design. As before, changes can be made, as Idea Design Studio is known for having the full involvement of the inventor. This is the final stage of the 3-D design process, as it moves on to the physical implementation.

Hopefully this has given you a look at what to expect with a 3-D design from Idea Design Studio.

Many of the products seen on today’s advertisements and television commercials are actually computer generated three-dimensional designs. We use the same professional technology to create computer models of inventions that are as detailed and accurate as an actual photograph. Our professional team at Idea Design Studio is ready to turn your original idea into realistic 3D designs. Even if you have nothing tangible to show us, our creative designers can turn a concept from just an idea in your mind into an impressive 3D design for inventors presentation.

We know that designing is the foundation for everything you need to move forward with the development of your idea, from marketing materials to patent protection and even prototyping and manufacturing. That’s why our designers are highly skilled and specifically trained to work with you to turn the visual you have in mind of your invention idea into a customized, professional design.

The members of our inventive team have won numerous awards and are experts in taking a small idea and turning it into a very real invention.

How 3D Design For Inventors Works

  • We schedule a conference call for you to speak directly with a designer to discuss your idea and create pre-sketch designs.
  • We activate a 24/7 online project management system for you to interact and view design work.
  • Our designers then create a grayscale 3D computer design.
  • You, the inventor, can either ask for revisions of the grayscale design or approve it and move forward.
  • We will then create a full color and texture photo-realistic 3D design.
  • Revisions are always done at your request and to your specifications.

You stay involved throughout the entire process to ensure your invention comes to life in the way you had in mind. We won’t continue with the process unless you’re 100% satisfied with what we’ve created for you.

All the designs we create become the sole property of the inventor. Idea Design Studio does not take any type of royalties.

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Our professional team at Idea Design Studio is ready to turn your original idea into a realistic and impressive 3D Design and bring your invention to life.
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